Weirong (Tianjin) Technology Co., Ltd., a joint-stock enterprise with 50 million yuan registered capital, more than 10 million annual sales, 2 billion annual production capacity and more than 100 employees, was founded in December 2011. The company is located on the north side of No.10 Road of Tianjin Ziya Circular Economy Industrial Zone, covering an area of 48196.7 square meters, with a construction area of 32454.14 square meters, including 5803.69 square meters of office space and 26650.45 square meters of production workshop.

Big business hours cut iron ore fines for late fees
  The Dalian Mercantile Exchange issued 11 notices, revised the "Dalian commodity exchange standard warehouse management approach", the time period of cut in iron ore output when the owner according t
To complete the goal of coal and steel production capacity has more than 8 government debt default size
  “ to promote capacity production, speed up progress, and make positive progress. At the end of September, iron and steel, coal industry two exit capacity has greatly improved, the relevant departmen
The PPP project has benefited a lot in the steel industry
  In recent years, the PPP project model has been greatly promoted by the state, especially in transportation and municipal engineering. Recently, the Ministry of Finance issued PPP days before "the t
What kinds of analytical instruments are needed in casting process?
  Casting enterprises are the process of smelting metals into liquid that meets certain requirements and pouring them into a mold. After cooling, solidification and cleaning, the casting has a predete